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group_of_docs_iStock_000010649746_MediumFormerly known as the International Organization of IPT/IPTLD Physicians (IOIP), it was established in 2006 to coordinate the efforts and communications of the over 300 physicians providing Insulin Potentiation Targeted Low-Dose (IPTLD) therapies worldwide. In 2010, the IOIP expanded to more accurately portray the activities of its physicians in treating cancer and chronic disease using a patient-centered, integrative approach. The organization was renamed the International Organization of Integrative Cancer Physicians (IOICP) and includes IPT Integrative Physicians as well as physicians who do not offer IPT but do offer other therapies, tools, and services that comprise Integrative Cancer Care.

The physician members all provide integrative care; the combination of holistic complementary therapies + targeted therapies for cancer and chronic disease. Supported by Best Answer for Cancer Foundation,, providers have gathered to share information, research and collaborate on IPT and other targeted cancer therapies and their effectiveness when combined with selective complementary therapies.

Besides the Annual Integrative Oncology: First Do No Harm Conferences and IPTLD Training, the upcoming online IOICP Center will offer physician members an opportunity to store and access information in the Medical Library; post questions and information in the Discussion Forum; hold a discussion with physicians around the world; post Best Cases from their practices; participate in studies; access legal documents that support their practices; and access presentations from previous medical conferences.

Benefits include:

  • One practice profile listing in the IOICP Directory.
  • Discounts on IPTLD integrative cancer care conferences.
  • Access to the IOICP Physician Forum, an online community where integrative cancer physicians can post questions and replies, share information, download articles, etc.
  • Access to legal documents such as Informed Patient Consent Form.
  • Eligibility to receive Patient Assistance Funds for patients who need financial assistance for their treatments.
  • Input on the direction of future studies for the development of integrative cancer care.
  • The assurance that you will be supported and encouraged in your work by your fellow IOICP members so as to strengthen and develop the group to the benefit of all members.
For more information about becoming a member of the IOICP, please contact:

Annie W. Brandt
Executive Director

Best Answer for Cancer Foundation
8127 Mesa, B-206, #243
Austin, Texas 78759

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